Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh yeah, we made a snapback hat

The Institute for Experimental Freedom is proud to announce the release of the dumbest commodity we've made as of yet. The Coast to Coast Hoodlums (very) limited edition snapback comes as an ode to all y'all who can't stop gettin ignorant. Even though some dummies are talking their stupid mouths, the rest of y'all are holding it down, wil'n out, and keeping your mouths shut. So ya know, if you wanna buy a black hat with a red bill and trim or something, we got you.

Black/Red "quality" wool-twill
$ 23.00 USD plus shipping
Check out the sweet close up image with bad photoshop shadowing below.


If you reeeeeealy want us to make more of these let us know 
Thanks for the kind comments!

So a bunch of people have said they'd like us to make more. We'll PNDR--who we are apparently advertising just by mentioning (and we understand how ridiculous that is, but hey its 2012)--is having some design contest, and we're trying to avoid having to pay to make more of these, so I guess if you're on that you should go to and vote for this hat, and then we'll get some cash and there will be more sweet hats in the world. And don't worry, we won't tell anyone about your streetwear habits.
Also, let it be known, while we are actually attempting to sell out this particular commodity, we don't endorse paying for things. So if you buy a hat from us, or if we win, from them, make sure to make up for it...

-IEF - 17 May 2012