Monday, April 9, 2012

General Strike With Chaos

Our contribution to the ongoing organizing for the May Day General Strike

11x17- Print ready PDF

And while we're at it... Remember what happened two years ago, before there was a popular movement of occupations, there were short bursts of experimentation and heartbreak (that's not all that was broken). In one such event, an occupied parking garage party “turned violent.” Or rather, an avenue of lost memories, cobbled together with the toil of those who were before us, was enchanted by a terrible spirit. That thin veneer that separates proletarians from every potency of life was violated. Property: shops, art, cars. 1886, that bloody mess, haunted the evening, recalling what was lost: that is to say conjuring a long narrative of the sickening loss of life to value. Those arrested, guilty or not, still await trial, traumatized by the police and this justice of Law. This May Day, may the comrades of the Asheville 11 be in our hearts, and may a terrible spirit enchant this world.

Spring 2012: repair what is irreparable.

How to use this poster:

The poster has been designed for easy black and white xerox printing, and viewing.

In the space marked “Local Meeting Point,” one can add their own information using a marker, or for the tech and design savvy, Open in Adobe Illustrator, check options for outlined text, unless you have Haas Grotesk (Helvetica, with original metal kerning-spaces). The type should be sized from-13-21 and if you don't have Hass Grotesk, probably no one will notice if you use Helvetica.In Adobe Acrobat, Tools, Typewriter. Again choose Hass Grotesk or Helvetica with a bold weight (I'd suggest 75bold). Left Justify to the “L” in “Local” or all the way to Left, at the beginning of the doted line.

And ain't no one gonna get their feelings hurt if you decide a more coherent poster serves you local needs better, but if you do put up some posters we're always happy see some flicks.

General Strike Harder


-IEF Spring, Nearing the End of the World