Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reprint | Society of The Spectacle | Impressive use of Akzidenz Grotesk

Study groups rejoice!

The Institute is making available a reprint of Society of The Spectacle (1994 Zone books translation by the naughty purged situationist, Donald Nicholson-Smithin) in PDF form so we no longer have to lie about having read it. Enjoy, and feel free to share your thoughts on the design and layout.

Preparing my self to stop the oh-so-hurtful lie.
From a flat part of the South,

Liam Sionnach 09


  1. just wondering, why you decided not to use Ken Knabb's translation from 2002/2005:

    ou and maybe you could upload a non-booklet version of the pdf? that would be great!

    i like the layout a lot, good readable fonts and nice design. especially cool is that you've included the preface of the 4th italian edition.
    but there are some issues i don't like:
    - except a few pages, the pagination is missung (and the verbal ones on the chapters pages is a bit confusing)
    - that the marginalia reduces the width of the main text column (even on following page without marginalia)
    - i don't know how much sense it makes to set the footnotes numbers bigger than the articles numbers
    - a few times, a page begins with the last line of a paragraph

    anyway, thanks a lot

  2. I love it!!!

    The only decent thing about the zone books copy was the possibility to paste in nearly 16 pages of outside texts at the front and back. Other than that, I nearly tore off the covers of every copy I stole for others.

    But...this is quality. Quite marvelous.
    (It'll definitely make for a good fuck!)

    Oh...sacred conspiracy. I want KK's head!


  3. Anon and Jon,
    Thanks for the props.

    The truth is, I decided to use this version based on one line: "capitalism become image" instead of "capitalism becomes images." I prefer the former and thought I would prefer that style of writing. (If others want the Ken Nabb translation there is already another pamphlet form of it at quiver distro.) Also I chose this translation becuase its a blatent reappropriation. Although I'm a bit concerned about the "Environmental Planning" vs "Territorial Domination" for the chapter name.

    As regarding the pagination, I descided that to have pagination with numbered thesis-form writing, might be unecessary. The large text-number was chosen instead for style honestly.

    I'll comment about the margin later, the students are demanding my espresso talents.


  4. For whatever the file doesn't work when I try to open it.