Thursday, August 27, 2009

IEF wil'n out in the Midwest on big words

Yes, there's rumors. Not all of them have been proven true.
What we do know is that an IEF posse is gonna be getting retarded on theory and sizurp on Milwaukee, WI and making everything just a bit more terrible—even with the lack of some people. I mean we're not naming names, but a certain Max, will not be stealing millions in WI and that's a fucking shame. Just saying.

On the other hand, what's better than the late '90s hardcore scene and early '00s anti-globalization activists traveling through your town and eating all the garbage at your so-called collective house?
IEF insurrectuals making it fucking rain.

“Social Justice or Social War?”
Friday | September 11 | 7pm
UWM Union | room 280
*PDF of 11x17 poster here

The Institute for Experimental Freedom was an inside job.

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