Sunday, February 27, 2011

Poster & Comments on Wisconsin Anti-Austerity Struggle

Okay, We're weirded out as much as the next hater that Madison law-enforcement have joined the very nice occupation of WI capitol building, bringing their riot gear. If we wanted to be vulgar, we could say, well, so far the struggle's character is arguably captured in the image of what critical race theorists would say is "whiteness." However, it would clearly be a bit dishonest to say that's whole story. Nonetheless, the struggle, like other anti-austerity struggles stakes its claim on an image of past illusions restored: that of a working democracy, with liberal subjects contesting their value in the economy. Civil discourse in the labor of producing a "social" that is no longer tenable, and that defines the borders of inclusion in "civil society," which no longer can have borders. In content and in form, it has so far taken measures to extract and make invisible the naughty elements.

On the other hand, diffuse sick outs and doctors notes and international solidarity are a fascinating development. The fact that some have said "get a little bloody," might be part of the union bosses in the US falling into the same powerlessness as the CGT. Whereas it might be a threat of violence that no body who wants society to keep functioning actually wants to come to fruition, it might also reveal how this shit is so bad that the unions need to talk a big game. Eitherway, a funny thing happens when authoritative voices say it's okay to get wild and those who listen start to define their own parameters of force. All that being said, policing is a function that anyone who serves the concept of The People, and anyone who protects the flows of capital can perform. Cops, snitches, para-military, bosses, managers, citizen-arresters, military, fascists, blablabla. Optimism: What else could it mean when the uniformed subjects of this refuse their role? We can only hope those who will be at the decisive fault line understand their historical task.

So, General Strike eh? Sorel? Divine violence anybody?

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  1. So...

    Sorel differentiated between the political general strike and the economic general strike. The prior was the grounds of socialists, political parties, and in general, lil leftist managers. SOREL HATED THE FIRST. The latter, the economic general strike, was the true terrain of proletarian violence, against the party-system, against capital, etc. The economic general strike was the ultimate expression of the myth of proletarian violence, and the greater frequency in intensive wild strikes, the more intensive the myth became, the closer to the "ricorso", Vico's concept taken by Sorel to indicate the overturning/renewal that a powerful myth could unleash.

    I only bring this "So..." into play to help elucidate the older polemic on recuperation that Sorel discussed.


    Communists must start looting and burning!

    Love y'all in MWK, wish I was there.

    <3 Yadira

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