Sunday, December 6, 2009

Get Paid | Wil' Out | Push the University to Crisis

Here's a recent post on infoshop which touched us in the most charming lumpen-bourgeoisie ways. Although ruining the University financially through a sort of self-abolition of the student is quite a good start, we'd like to point out there are other means with which to elaborate this practice, and other ways which a university is occupied.

From infoshop news
Bankrupt the System, Exploit The University

The recent student struggles in California to transform their universities have been inspiring examples of what people can do when they come together, and begin to collectively believe in the future rather than fearing the threats issued in the present. Social wars need money, as Alfredo Bonanno (a 74-year old anarchist recently arrested in Greece for bank robbery) can attest to, and the university has put the gun in your hands. All you need to do is pull the trigger. Max out your credit cards, max out your student loans. Bankrupt the system that is bankrupting us!

All my life, I've been washing dishes, delivering pizza, bagging groceries, and hustling to make enough to pay rent. I've always been a working class, Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher kinda guy. You betcha!

In the past, I've dumpster dived, telling myself it was because I wanted to. But really, I would've preferred to eat the fresh food in the store. I did it because I didn't want to waste away my entire life in that hot, wet, greasy dishwashing room. I did it to be able to save up money so I could quit my job and travel before I became a shriveled up old prune with arthritis, whose only way to see the world was using an RV, something that I would probably never be able to afford.

Anyway, I got into some shit with the law, you know the deal. The cops love to make their quotas. It was military, prison, or college and some time on probation for me. I applied to college solely to save my own ass, not for some stupid degree that I can present to a potential boss for the "opportunity" to spend the next decade kissing his ass.

College is a social structure full of the privileges the state gives to the middle class. No one ever explained this dope ass scam to me before! My parents didn't go to college, they didn't know what the deal was. No wonder you middle class students are so content, I'd think to myself. No wonder you didn't want a revolution.

Well, now that some of you do, or at least you know there needs to be some serious changes because the system is breaking down, it's up to you to pull those triggers.

This is a call for all students to take full advantage of the benefits the middle class is offered through the university. To bet on the future and not on the present: to take out as much money in student loans and credit cards as you can, with no intention to pay it back.



  1. debt voluntarism? dumb idea...

  2. Voluntarism?

    Fool, you funna be pryin dis cash money out my COLD ded fingas!!! sucka!

  3. PDF with hilarious graphics and a 2 page design, good for throwing out the windows of occupied univeristy buildings:

  4. fool they "funna" be pryin it straight outta your paycheck if being hella gangsta and/or crimethinc doesnt have a dope ass 401k suckaaaa

  5. Sure, debt leads to crisis, but capitalism thrives on crisis, and whatever crisis can't be solved by capital+democracy will be attacked by capital's back-up governmental form: fascism.

    In other words: if you haven't got a paycheck to garnish, yes, they WILL be prying the cash out of your cold dead fingers. Unless you've spent it very wisely, in which case you might escape and leave the consequences to fall unto those who got trapped in debt more accidentally.

    Debt reproduces and accelerates the capitalist economy. Escaping capitalism will require the development of a separate, autonomous economy. The weak-link in any insurrectionary program (in every revolution since the capitalist revolution) has been the lack of a practical replacement economic system.

    State communism (Marx-Lennin) reproduced the strongest most successful aspects of capitalist economics (appropriation of surplus value) under state control, and thus failed. This "get rich or die tryin" scheme reproduces the weakest most failing aspects of the capitalist economy. How can you imagine such a thing will work?

    An economy is nothing but habits of exchange. The most important aspect of a successful revolutionary program will be communization: the development and practice of new economic habits. We obviously must establish our own sources of value and habits of exchange for the production of necessities if we ever want to live outside of capitalism. We have to practice these things and be good at them while the insurrection is happening, otherwise capitalism, fascism or tribalism will win out.

    "Get rich or die tryin" practices an economy fueled by and dependent on free money from student loans, school grants and credit card companies. Such an economy will obviously collapse with capitalism.