Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh yeah, We made a book

The Institute for Experimental Freedom (IEF) is proud to release the little book: Politics is not a Banana: The Journal of Vulgar Discourse, What are you Doing After the Orgy or Insurrection or Whatever?

From the introduction:

The insurrection has not transformed our rotting teeth into pure indestructible diamond grills. The orgy only spreads our combined STDs, unless we cover our filthy used bodies in saran wrap—which is pretty cool. Whatever; we made more than $6.50 plus tips but then blew it all on wine, cigarettes, rope, and ceiling hooks. The insurrection gives us this opportunity though, to forget, to practice, and even to run up on some doctor and force his medicalizing ass to nurse our irrevocable rot; to re-imagine our relationships with our stupid dying bodies. It makes us become attentive to the force of our little deaths and the inexhaustible desire we can embody.

The book is a collection of texts, images, and design sensibilities which combine insurrectional theory, critical theory, and post-structuralist inquiries about power and subjectivization with experimental fiction, flarf poetry, Brechtian pornography, and Swiss-influenced post-ironic typographic design.

Following a strange popularity of the '07 printing of Politics is Not a Banana 7x7 journal, the IEF put out a call for submissions for another issue. Contributions were overwhelming, and resulted in our decision to print this beautiful magenta 4.25x6 book/textual war-machine.

Contributions range from the IEF's own Liam Sionnach and Maxamillion Stihl, to new English translations from the collectively written French journal Tiqqun, to a lesser known French group “The Enlightened Avant-Garde” (aka The Movement for the Apocalypse of Montpelier) to Parser's Magazine's Robert Farr flarf poetry to Wax Poetic's own Idris Intifada.

Distributors and Bookstores Get in touch for wholesale prices or use the order form at the bottom of the post.

Politics is Not a Banana is currently available in the US at:

Firestorm cafe and books in Asheville, NC

Internationalist Books in Chapel Hill, NC

Blue Stockings in NYC

Book Thug Nation in Brooklyn, NY

Spoonbill and Sugartown in Brooklyn, NY

The Cream City Collective via Burntbookmobile, in Milwaukee, WI

Sporeprint Infoshop in Columbus, OH

City Light Books in San Francisco, CA

Modern Times Books in San Francisco, CA

Needles and Pens in San Francisco, CA

Bound Together Books in San Francisco, CA

Online Distributors:

Little Black Cart

Last Earth Distro

(this post will be kept up, and updated as new locations come in)

Order the damn book!!!!!1!

Politics is Not a Banana | What are you doing?...
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Also, who likes reading books online and printing terrible bootlegs?
[aka: readable Politics is Not a Banana | What are you doing...? PDF on issuu]

Oh and by the way, in part because our absurd negligence, and in part because of riseup.net's low file space, some contributors may not have received a copy of PNB in mail, please email us if you contributed and have not received a book. We'll totally make it up to you, if you know what I mean.


  1. im trying to think of some way to hurt your feelings for the 'terrible bootlegs' comment.
    we made terrible bootlegs of pnb 1 because we liked it dammit!

  2. Don't worry, you're not the only one. But if you wanna process about it, I have some pear white tea we could drink.

  3. I've also seen PNB after the orgy or whatever at Left Bank books in Seattle:

    Dunno if they still have copies; that was a while ago.

  4. http://noboyfriends.wordpress.com

    like the kiddie pool?

  5. Flarf is pretty much, if we still want to use these terms, on the front lines of recuperating itself in the moment (wannabe high-art celebs doing readings at the Whitney Museum etc. with insouciant ultra-capitalist "Conceptual poets" like Kenneth Goldsmith and co.), and is basically the epitome of brand name creation and celebrityism in the contemporary poetry world. Flarf = brand name recognition and refers to the Flarf collective, so it's bizarre to see Roger Farr mentioned as writing "flarf" poetry. Why latch on to this marketing nomenclature? And as far as I know, Farr is not even a member of the Flarf collective, so I'm completely lost as to why the association is being made! Did Farr self-describe his poems as ostensibly "flarf" or something? And while we're on the subject, I never said that Anne Frank was the dolphin whore of Babylon, so shut the hell up haterzz!! OMG IT'S SO VULGAR IT MUST BE ~FLARF~ LETS INSURRECT

  6. I demand a free copy of the latest PNB to make up for this great injustice.

  7. "Flarf = brand name recognition and refers to the Flarf collective"

    yadda yadda yadda

    poor little blog commentator...without his internets he'd be so lonely...